The Constraints Checker allows users to run spatial searches on a pre-defined group of layers (templates). This article shows you how to create those templates.

For information on how to use the Constraints Checker, please see this article.


To be able to configure the Constraints Checker you'll need:

  • The tool applied to your organisation's account (ask your administrator to check with Geoxphere)


To create a new template:

Give the Template a Name

  1. Log into XMAP
  2. Click the Cog in the top right then click Administration
  3. Click on the Tools menu then the "Constraints Checker" sub-menu
  4. Click the + button and give the new template a title. This title will be visible to the users, so give it something concise and informative, such as "Land Charges" or "Planning Constraints". Click OK.

Choose who can use this template

  1. Click on the PERMISSIONS tab
  2. Use the Organisation, Profile and User tick box options to define who can use this particular template.

Choose what layers get searched on

  1. Click on the LAYERS tab
  2. Check the tick boxes for the layers you want included in the search.

And that's it. That template will now be available for users the next time they log into XMAP, or if they refresh their browser.

PDF Reports for Constraints Checks

Under the Details tab for a Constraints Template there's a drop-down for choosing a PDF template.

If you leave the drop-down with no selection then when the user clicks the Report icon it will simply copy the list of results to the clipboard. If you have one selected then it will generate that template.

Creating a PDF Template

To create a new PDF Template:

  1. Click the drop-down box which has the text "Selected PDF Report"
  2. Click the + button
  3. Use the toggle buttons to decide if a section is to be included in the report
  4. Use the sub-menu options for each section to configure the PDF as you desire
  5. Click Save

The PDF Template you've just created will now be selected in the drop-down.

Modifying a PDF Template

To modify an existing PDF Template:

  1. Click the drop-down box
  2. Click the edit icon (pencil)
  3. Make changes as desired.
  4. Click Save

Selecting a PDF Template for a Constraints Check

You can use the same PDF template for multiple Constraints Checks. Simply click the drop-down and select the PDF template you require.

Removing a PDF Template from a Constraints Check

Click the X button within the drop-down.