This tool is useful for teams who need to analyse hundreds of layers but don't want to trawl through each one individually. Simply define the area you want to search on and run the search. The tool will return a list of any map objects it found within that area.

Running these searches on pre-configured sets of layers saves time and ensures consistency across the team.


This tool is available to:

  • All XMAP subscribers

It is not currently available to:

  • Parish Online


To be able to use the Constraints Checker you'll need:

  • The tool applied to your organisation's account (ask your administrator to check with Geoxphere)
  • The tool applied to the Profile that your username is assigned to (ask your administrator)
  • The tool configured with one or more templates (groups of layers to be searched on) (as your administrator)

If you're an administrator for your organisation's XMAP account and you have no idea what this all means, check out the article for configuring the Constraints Checker, or get in touch with Geoxphere.


To run a search:

  1. Log into XMAP
  2. Zoom into your area of interest
  3. Select Tools from the top menu
  4. Select Constraints Checker
  5. Use one of the drawing options to define the area you want to search on
    1. Radius. Select the tool then click on the map. A 500m radius circle will be drawn. The location of the circle can be changed by simply clicking somewhere else on the map. The radius of the circle can be changed by entering a number in the box on the left-hand side.
    2. Polygon. Select the tool then do a series of single-clicks on the map to draw out an area.
    3. Rectangle. Select the tool then drag out a box on the map.
  6. Click the drop-down box to select a template. This is the pre-configured set of layers.
  7. Click the Run Search button in the bottom-left and wait for the results to appear.

Once the results have appeared you have a few features available to you:

  • Run another search. Click "Back to Setup" to define another area or choose a different template.
  • Sort the list of results. Click on the headers to the results box to sort the layers alphabetically or by the number of results found.
  • Go into a more detailed view. Click the title of one of the layers to bring up a spreadsheet-style view of the results found in each layer. Clicking on one of the rows will move the map to the location of the result.
  • Toggle the layers on and off. It's not required to have the layers switched on when you run the search. Click the 'Layer Toggle' button next to the 'Back to Setup' button to toggle the layers on and off.
  • Export a Report
    • Copy to Clipboard. If no PDF report has been configured by your administrator then it will copy the results of the table to your computer's clipboard.
    • Produce a PDF. If a PDF report has been configured, a PDF will be generated. Click 'Open PDF' to view this report in a new browser tab.