The Civil Protection Map is a set of pre-styled map layers that can be used by all tiers of UK Government to produce clear and coordinated maps that can be used in times of need.

The layer formatting allows any XMAP for Government or Parish Online user to plot standardised symbology (provided by Ordnance Survey) on the map to build up a picture of a state of preparedness or an active situation.

The layers align to these activities:

  • Assets
  • Command, Control, Coordination or Communication Sites (C4)
  • Incidents
  • Infrastructure
  • Cordons
  • Cordon Areas

Availability and Contributions

These layers are available in all Parish Online accounts and all XMAP for Government accounts and have shared editing permissions, meaning all tiers of government can contribute to the map.

The maps will be kept private to government organisations or published to the public as required, and depending on the use-case.

Layer Symbols

The following list of 178 images shows all the symbol categories available:


Ambulance Loading Point

Casualty Bureau

Casualty Clearing Station

Casualty Collection Point

Emergency Media Centre

Emergency Mortuary

Evacuation Assembly Point

Evacuation Shelter

Forward Briefing Point media

Friends Relatives Reception Centre

Health Emergency Operating Centre

Helicopter Emergency Medical Service

Helicopter Landing Site

High Integrity Telecoms System Site

Holding Audit Area Deceased People Human Remains

Humanitarian Assistance Centre

Joint Emergency Services Control Centre

Maritime Incident Response Group

Marshalling Area

Media Liaison Point

Medical Emergency Response Incident Team

Multi-Agency Strategic Holding Area

National Emergency Mortuary Arrangements

Public Information Point

Radio Amateurs Emergency Network

Rendevous Point Ambulance

Rendevous Point Fire Ambulance

Rendevous Point Fire

Rendevous Point generic symbol

Rendevous Point Police Ambulance

Rendevous Point Police Fire

Rendevous Point Police

Rendevous Point Police Fire Ambulance

Rest Centre

Royal National Lifeboat Institute Site

Search Rescue Asset

Strategic Holding Area

Survivor Reception Centre

Urban Search Rescue Assets

C4 Sites

Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre

Bronze CommPost Ambulance

Bronze CommPost Fire Ambulance

Bronze CommPost Fire

Bronze CommPost Police Ambulance

Bronze CommPost Police Fire

Bronze CommPost Police

Bronze CommPost Police Fire Ambulance

Emergency Control Centre Local Authority

Emergency Operations Centre Local Authority

Forward CommPost Ambulance

Forward CommPost Fire Ambulance

Forward CommPost Fire

Forward CommPost Police Ambulance

Forward CommPost Police Fire

Forward CommPost Police

Forward CommPost Police Fire Ambulance

Gold CommPost Ambulance

Gold CommPost Fire Ambulance

Gold CommPost Fire

Gold CommPost Police Ambulance

Gold CommPost Police Fire

Gold CommPost Police

Gold CommPost Police Fire Ambulance

Incident CommPost Ambulance

Incident CommPost Fire Ambulance

Incident CommPost Fire

Incident CommPost Police Ambulance

Incident CommPost Police Fire

Incident CommPost Police

Incident CommPost Police Fire Ambulance

Local Disease Control Centre

Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre

Maritime Response Centre

Operational CommPost Ambulance

Operational CommPost Fire Ambulance

Operational CommPost Fire

Operational CommPost Police Ambulance

Operational CommPost Police Fire

Operational CommPost Police

Operational CommPost Police Fire Ambulance

Recovery Coordinating Group

Regional Control Centre Highways Agency

Response Coordinating Group

Salvage Control Unit

Shoreline Response Centre

Silver CommPost Ambulance

Silver CommPost Fire Ambulance

Silver CommPost Fire

Silver CommPost Police Ambulance

Silver CommPost Police Fire

Silver CommPost Police

Silver CommPost Police Fire Ambulance

Strategic CommPost Ambulance

Strategic CommPost Fire Ambulance

Strategic CommPost Fire

Strategic CommPost Police Ambulance

Strategic CommPost Police Fire

Strategic CommPost Police

Strategic CommPost Police Fire Ambulance

Strategic Coordinating Group

Strategic Coordination Centre

Tactical CommPost Ambulance

Tactical CommPost Fire Ambulance

Tactical CommPost Fire

Tactical CommPost Police Ambulance

Tactical CommPost Police Fire

Tactical CommPost Police

Tactical CommPost Police Fire Ambulance

Tactical Coordinating Group


Point of access into a cordoned area black white

Point of access into a cordoned area colour

Point of egress out of a cordoned area

Scene Access Control Point black white

Scene Access Control Point colour


Biological Release


Chemical Release

COMAH Lower Tier

COMAH Upper Tier

Disease Outbreak





Radiation Release

Road Traffic Collision RTC


Accident Emergency Dept Amber

Accident Emergency Dept Green

Accident Emergency Dept Red

Accident Emergency Dept

Civil Nuclear Power Station Amber

Civil Nuclear Power Station Green

Civil Nuclear Power Station Red

Civil Nuclear Power Station

Designated Receiving Hospital Amber

Designated Receiving Hospital Green

Designated Receiving Hospital Red

Designated Receiving Hospital

Electricity Sub Station Amber

Electricity Sub Station Green

Electricity Sub Station Red

Electricity Sub Station

Gas Compressor Station Amber

Gas Compressor Station Green

Gas Compressor Station Red

Gas Compressor Station

Gas Terminal Amber

Gas Terminal Green

Gas Terminal Red

Gas Terminal

Hospital Amber

Hospital Green

Hospital Red


LNG storage Facility Amber

LNG storage Facility Green

LNG storage Facility Red

LNG storage Facility

Mobile Communications Tower Amber

Mobile Communications Tower Green

Mobile Communications Tower Red

Mobile Communications Tower

Oil Refinery Amber

Oil Refinery Green

Oil Refinery Red

Oil Refinery

School Amber

School Green

School Red


Telephone Exchange Amber

Telephone Exchange Green

Telephone Exchange Red

Telephone Exchange

Water Treatment Works Amber

Water Treatment Works Green

Water Treatment Works Red

Water Treatment Works