Whether it's a spelling mistake or a change in the concept for your layer, you might find you want to change the text in the column of a map object.


However, if you've got that layer set to use that specific column as a class-based styling field then you'll notice it won't let you as it's a drop-down box instead of a free-text field.


The reason Parish Online does this is because by using the drop-down box it structures your data entry. The layer is set to colour the map object based on what you enter in that field, and if it was free text you'd have all sorts of inconsistent data in there (plus it wouldn't pick up the correct style colour).


For example, I have a layer where I want to show the contractors I'm using for different grass cutting areas. I've set the layer as class-based so it.

I want to change the pink polygon that says "Nobody" to say "No Contractor".

However, if I try to change this by editing the object, I can't do it. I can only choose between the 3 existing options.

Solution Options

There are two ways to solve this. In the example above it's only a small change so I will use Option 1, but if I wanted to make changes across the layer then I will use Option 2.

Option 1: Add a new class expression

  1. Go into Styling for the layer in question.
  2. Click ADD then type in your new class.
  3. Style the new class as required.
  4. Edit the object and choose the new option from the drop-down list and Save
  5. Go back into Styling and remove the old 'Nobody' class. You don't have to do this, but it's tidier.

Option 2: Revert to a Single Style and make changes

  1. Go into the Styling tool and switch the type to Single and Save. This will remove all previously applied styling.
  2. Go back to the mapping and make the changes you want to the text.
  3. Go back into the Styling tool and set up Class Styles again.