When printing maps it's possible to change the style of the background Ordnance Survey mapping from the default coloured maps into a black and white lined style. This is of particular benefit when printing the maps out. It saves ink and can make clearer-looking maps.


Please bear in mind that this currently only works when printing maps at a large-scale, e.g. zoomed in below 1:2,000 scale.


It's very simple to switch the style of the background mapping:

  1. Expand the 'Ordnance Survey PSGA' collection.
  2. Click the 'OS PSGA Stack' layer to deselect it. The tick will disappear next to the layer.
  3. Expand the 'Ordnance Survey Individual' collection.
  4. Click on 'OS MasterMap - LandLine Style' to select it.

Style of the default mapping

Style of the black and white mapping


  • If the map area is completely white instead of one of the two styles above then;
    • one of the two maps may not be switched on. Check that one of them is switched on.
    • the map may not have loaded. Check to see if the layer shows a spinning circle instead of a tick. If that's the case the map is attempting to load.
  • If the map area is completely blue then zoom the map in further. The LandLine style map is limited to larger zoom levels.