Parish Online is a self-service tool and we provide a Knowledge Base (this one) as well as email support. Should you need further training we have a few options.

On-site Training

We can hold training sessions to individuals or groups or Councils for the following rates:

  • Half-Day - £475 excluding VAT. Excludes venue and travel. In a half-day we can get everyone to understand the basics of Parish Online and get started with important tasks like adding information to an asset register or beginning their neighbourhood plan.
  • Full-Day - £950 excluding VAT. Excludes venue and travel. In a full-day we cover everything from a half-day session but have more time to go into depth explaining additional features and tips and tricks. A full day is sometimes necessary if there are a lot of Councils who are starting from scratch, as often a lot of questions are raised.


When we hold a training session, we don't mind how many people are in attendance. We charge the same amount for 1 or 100+ people. It's the responsibility of the person ordering the training to make sure the venue has the capacity, preferably a good enough Internet connection, and definitely a steady supply of tea!


We charge for travel at the following rates:

  • Less than 50 miles from RG21 7QW there is no charge.
  • From 50 miles from RG21 7QW we charge 45p per mile.