We get asked quite a few times whether information from a Parish Online account is allowed to be publicised on the web. Here we'll attempt to answer that.

What you can export

This is covered in another article (below) and summarises that you can use the data extract tool or the printing tool to produce an output.


The majority of  queries we field are regarding the PDF maps.

In a nutshell, you can export whatever you like from Parish Online, but there are restrictions on how it can be used, which we'll cover below.

What can I use it for?

Very simply, the use of Parish Online, the maps within it, and the exported information (PDFs) from it can only be used for your core business use. To find out whether the purpose you intend to use the maps for is within this remit, you should ask yourself:

"Is publishing this map the responsibility of the Council, and is it beneficial to members of public?" If the answer to this is yes then great and you should go for it. If it's not an exact 'yes' then there's a possibility that you could be contravening the licence terms of Parish Online or the PSMA. If in doubt, drop us an email to get clarification.


Good and legitimate uses of Parish Online PDFs include:

  • Having a PDF of walking routes on your website or printed off in a local shop. (beware, you can't sell them!)
  • Distributing a map in a planning consultation to inform attendees of the areas in question.
  • Printing out a map to stick on a wall in a public space.

What can't I use it for?

This is covered in detail here: