Using XMAP, you can create PDF maps that can be stored on your computer or printed out.


It is sometimes the case that the printed version of the map does not print at the correct scale.


This can be caused by your printer settings scaling the PDF to fit within the maximum printer margins. It typically scales it to around 94% of the original. This means that measurements you take on the paper map will be incorrect.


This may not be the case for all printers, but certainly with consumer inkjet printers there should be a setting before you go to print that gives you the option for 'Fitting to Printer Margins'. It might also display as 'Scale to Fit'. There will be an option to disable this. This will hopefully mean your printout is at the correct scale. However we cannot guarantee this as all printers are different.

Please be assured that any measurements taken within the mapping software will be as accurate and correct as possible.