The Print tool allows you to create a PDF or PNG file of a particular map view.


To print out an area of map located in XMAP, carry out the following steps:

  1. Move the map to the approximate location of your desired map using the zoom and pan tools.
  2. Select 'Print' from the toolbar, located above the map window.
  3. The darkened area on screen shows the boundary of the print. Make your desired map fit within this area by dragging the map into place.
  4. Use the left window to give your map a Title.
  5. Write a small description of your map into the description line, where appropriate.
  6. Choose a Print Template which will give you landscape and portrait options for various paper sizes.
  7. If you wish your map to have a legend or North arrow, click the corresponding tick-boxes.
  8. Click 'Print' at the bottom of the window and a link to download your document will appear.

NOTE: The link to your print will now appear ABOVE the blue print button in a section called "Your Prints". If you haven't given your printout a Title then it will appear as 'XMAP_PRINT_########'. If you've given it a Title, the link will be the text of your title.

If printing on a smaller screen: You may need to scroll down to access the printing link.

Scale Printing

If you want to print out at a specific scale there's a drop-down in the Printing pane to select a preset scale or a scale number of your choice.

Print Templates

We have print templates for:

  • A4 Portrait and Landscape
  • A3 Portrait and Landscape

In future revisions we'll have larger paper size options.