The Layer Control on the left-hand side of your account will display all the Map Layers available to you.

They are grouped into Collections (expandable folders). The grouping is usually by theme or the data source. (e.g. all the Environment Agency layers will be grouped together in one Collection).

Your account will contains a lot of Map Layers, which can often make finding the right information hard to find. 

Map Layers Panel

This panel is always displayed on the left-hand side of the XMAP window and displays all of the map layers XMAP has available to view. To browse this panel, use the scroll wheel on your computer mouse.

Collections are groups of Map Layers that can be expanded and collapsed using the downwards arrow icon to the right of the collection's name.


All Map Layers are stored within collapsible Collections. This helps organise the themes of data.

Base Maps

Green collections contain base maps. The base map section has a broad range to choose from, from high resolution aerial imagery to detailed Ordnance Survey (OS) maps, depending on your account type.

Vector Layers

Beige collections contain vector layers that can be placed on top of base maps. These include local green spaces, Parish boundaries and SSSI's, depending on your account permissions.