To print out an area of map located in Parish Online, carry out the following steps.

  1. Move the map to the approximate location of your desired map using the zoom and pan tools.
  2. Open the 'Print' Tool, found on the menu above the map area.
  3. The red box displayed on screen shows the boundary of the print. Make your desired map fit within this box.
  4. Set the scale of the map to a round number. The Print window has a 'Define Map Scale' section where you can choose from a variety of map scales in the drop-down menu.
  5. Choose a template from the drop-down list. Templates are how the map will appear (here you can choose portrait or landscape formats).
  6. Choose the paper size from four options - A3 or A4 paper sizes.
  7. Add a title and description if required by using the 'Add Details' section of the Print window. Here you may add a watermark and/or legend to the map also.
  8. Click 'Print' at the bottom of the window to print your map to a PDF format. From PDF you will be able to print out physical copies of your map or send/share the PDF file.


Please be aware that although the video shows printing options in A2 and A1, this is not currently available in Parish Online. We hope to have this functionality in a future version of Parish Online.


For more information, see our tutorial video, 'Parish Online - Printing'.