To display data in Parish Online, you will need to add objects to your created layer. This will display the information in one of three formats - points, lines or polygons. 

Adding objects

  1. Go to the location where you wish to add data.
  2. Open the Editor Tool, located on the top menu. You will need to tell the system which layer you wish to add the objects/data to. 
  3. Start by clicking the chosen location in the map area. This will add a point in that location. If you are mapping polygons or areas of data, you need to trace the outline of this area with points. 
  4. Fine-tune each shape by dragging the grey dots (found in between each blue point you have added) to the desired locations. 
  5. Fill out the text boxes of information about this given object. These boxes can be found in the 'Add or Edit Objects' window on the left of the map area.
  6. When you are happy with the information and the shape of the object you can press 'Save'. This will add this object to the layer.
  7. Continue to add objects where you see fit until your layer is complete.


For more information, see our tutorial video, 'Adding new objects to a layer using the Editor tool'.