The standard XCAM battery pack is a 26,000mAh lithium ion unit. It provides a stable 12v power source directly to the XCAM pod. This means you can operate the XCAM independently from any aircraft power source. It also has the benefit of being able to ground-test the XCAM in the office, at presentations or whilst connected to a powered-off aircraft.

The battery pack has a few features that you need to be aware of before undertaking an XCAM survey.


To charge your battery pack ready for survey:

  1. Ensure the red power switch is set to 0 (off)
  2. Connect the charger to the wall socket.
  3. Connect the charger to the battery connector.
  4. Switch on the power from the wall.

During the charging phase, the 5 green LEDs will cycle through from 1 to 5 being lit. This indicates that the battery is charging. Progress of the charge will be indicated by a larger number of LEDs being lit.

When all 5 LEDs are constantly lit, the battery is fully charged.


  • Wait a minimum of 15 minutes before connecting the battery to the XCAM. The battery has a 'cool down' phase after it has been disconnected from the wall charger. If the battery is used within this time then it may not deliver the correct amount of power for the XCAM to work correctly.
  • To store the battery for a long period of time, it is recommended to store it in a half-charged state.


The battery can take over 6 hours to charge, so it is recommended to perform the charge the day before conducting a survey.