Keeping the map data in Parish Online up-to-date is one of our most important tasks. We have a team dedicated to checking and receiving updates for all the layers we include to make sure that you are always provided with the most current information.

Please note: although we include data from many different sources, we are not responsible for their content; this includes any errors or omissions.

Each Organisation/Data provider will update their layers on different schedules; here is a brief guide to how often you can expect your maps to be updated.


Ordnance Survey

Through the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) you have access to many of the Ordnance Survey’s map datasets. The default OS Maps layer in Parish Online automatically displays the best layer for the scale/map area you are looking at. As a rule of thumb the more detailed the mapping the more frequently it is updated, this means that as you zoom out some recent developments and changes that are visible on the 1:1250 scale maps may not be visible on the 1:25,000, 1:50,000 or larger scale maps.

Below is a list of the Ordnance Survey layers and how often we receive updates, we aim to process these and make them visible in Parish Online within 2 weeks.

  • MasterMap - 6-8 weeks
  • Vector Map Local - 3 months
  • 1:25,000 - 6 months
  • 1:50,000 - 12 months
  • All OpenData Layers - 6 - 12 months
  • AddressBase - 2 months

3rd Party Datasets

We include a large range of datasets from 3rd Parties such as Natural England, Environment Agency, and Historic England etc. Some datasets are streamed through Web Map Services (WMS) from the provider which means that we don’t have to do any updates; as soon as changes are made in their database you can view them in Parish Online.

For datasets that aren’t streamed from the provider we check for updates every month, ensuring any changes are processed and uploaded to Parish Online within 2 weeks.

Aerial Imagery

The Aerial Imagery in your Parish Online accounts is provided through a feed from Getmapping. The feed is limited to data from 1999 to 2014. Newer aerial surveys may not appear in this feed as they are premium feeds that need an additional licence. If your Parish Online account is linked to your District or County, you may receive much more up-to-date data.

Data from County/District Councils

Many Local Authorities have shared datasets to Parish Online for the Local Councils within their boundary to use. These are often related to highways, rights of way, land ownership and planning. Depending on the agreement with have with the Local Authority data may be updated on a regular nightly/weekly schedule or once every 6-12 months.