The layers in Parish Online can only accept one type of geometry (shape) information: Point, Line or Polygon. It's important to understand the difference between them before creating your own layers as once the geometry type is set and the layer created, it cannot be changed.

When creating your own layers in Parish Online (particularly a custom layer), you will have to choose which Geometry type (type of shape information) the layer will include.


  • Points should be used to map objects that have a single location that can be marked by a single circle/symbol. This will include asset items such as a bin, bench, bus shelter, village pub, school or traffic sign.
  • Lines should be used for linear objects that have a separate start and end point. This may include a fence line, walking route, section of river/stream, a section of road.
  • Polygons should be used to mark out enclosed areas, that have a joined up boundary (perimeter). This may include the boundary of a Planning Application, Area of grass (for maintenance contracts), conservation areas, playgrounds, and allotments.