Parish Online

To sign up to Parish Online:

  1. Navigate to on your Web Browser
  2. In the top-right of the Menu bar, click on Sign Up
  3. Type in the name of your Parish (HINT: after typing a few letters it will start showing results to make it easier for you to find your Parish).
  4. Click on your Parish name from the list
  5. Review the pricing and click Place an Order
  6. Enter your details, including a valid PSMA number and review the Terms and Conditions
  7. Click Submit

You will be sent your login details and invoice via email so please ensure you enter your email address correctly.

If you have already taken an evaluation of Parish Online then after step 4 (above) it will prompt you to enter your password from your evaluation account. This will auto-populate your details ready for you to Place an Order.

Useful Things to Note

  • Parish Online is for staff of Town, Parish and Community Councils only.
  • Your PSMA number can be found by contacting Ordnance Survey
  • If you can't find your Parish in the list there may be a few reasons:
    • We have a slight variation in the name, e.g. St instead of Saint, or and instead of &. Try different combinations
    • We don't have you in our database yet. Simply raise a support ticket.

District Online

To sign your District or County Council up to District Online, please contact the GeoXphere team by raising a support ticket.