To create a Track pattern Mission Plan for the XCAM:

  1. Navigate to the WaldoAir_FPS folder on your C: drive.
  2. Open the kmlReader_Settings.txt file using a Text Editor such as Notepad
  3. Review and change as required the Downrange Overlap (Along Track). Default is 70%.
  4. Review and change as required the Crossrange Overlap (Across Track). Default is 70%.
  5. Save and close the text file.
  6. Load the WaldoFPS_Track.exe file
  7. Click Browse and choose the KML you created in Google Earth.
  8. Select an airport from the table. This is used to calculate the complete mission flight times.
  9. Select a camera. This defines the parameters for the XCAM you are using.
  10. Select a resolution. This defines the Ground Sampled Distance (in centimetres) for your survey.
  11. Select a Maximum Flight Line (FL) length. For very large projects, this is useful for making the FPS create separate missions with shorter flight lines. For small projects, just select '100'.
  12. Select a Maximum Mission Time. For very large projects, this is useful for limiting the size of missions based on either XCAM battery endurance or aircraft endurance. For small projects, just select '4'.
  13. Select a speed for the aircraft. This is only used in calculating the on-site survey time. It does not override the limitations on XCAM frame rate.
  14. Choose a Coverage Type. The most efficient is automatically selected. Statistics for each option are given in the text area of the FPS. The Coverage Type can be overridden by clicking on the button to toggle through the options.
  15. Click Plan.
  16. Click End. This will close the FPS and open the Mission Plan in Google Earth.

Things that might catch you out:

  • If you make a mistake at any point during the planning, continue through to the Plan and End part of the process and restart the FPS. Failing to do so may result in incorrect values or the FPS may crash.
  • If you have already produced a Mission Plan with the FPS, you can overwrite it by running the FPS again and using the PROJECT_NAME_input.kml instead of the PROJECT_NAME.kml.
  • If you do not know the airport you'll be operating from, then just select one that's nearby, but remember not to base your price calculations on the total mission time.
  • If you are using an XCAM RGB/NIR/Thermal then select XCAM NIR from the camera selection.
  • Refer to the Speed Calculator for guidance on how fast the aircraft can go for a particular configuration and resolution.