To produce a flight plan with the WaldoAir Flight Planning Software (FPS) you first need to save an Area of Interest (AOI) in a KML file.

  1. Install Google Earth Pro (
  2. Load Google Earth Pro and navigate to your desired AOI
  3. Open the 'Add Polygon' tool
  4. Rename the Polygon from 'Untitled Polygon' to your AOI name. e.g. 'Basingstoke'. (HINT: Use short descriptive names and avoid using special characters as this will show up in the Flight Control System)
  5. Draw the AOI by clicking on the map. (HINT: Use the least number of points as possible to cover your area
  6. Click OK
  7. Right Click on the new Polygon in the 'My Places' window on the left of the screen and choose 'Save Place As'.
  8. Choose a location for your new file and select KML as the format type.
  9. Click Save

You will now have a Polygon saved in a KML that you can use in the WaldoAir FPS.

Things that might catch you out:

  • Don't convert other GIS formats such as SHP to KML because the format will be incorrect and the Planner won't work.
  • Be sure to save as a KML, not a KMZ.
  • Don't use special characters in the polygon name. It may cause issues with the FPS.